A franchise owner working at his officeA sign that shows a business’ brand name is an integral part of marketing. An attractive business sign captures the attention of consumers and should entice them to know more about your business. Businesses that manufacture signs create different types of signs such as store signs on a poster board and vehicle wraps.

Digital signage is becoming popular due to advancements in technology. For instance, digital signage can use LED lights or can be projected from large plasma screen TVs. With the rise of digital signage, many people are investing in the sign business.

If you are interested in venturing into the sign industry, Signarama can help. We are a conversion franchise that helps you transform your current sign business into a Signarama franchise. Here are three reasons why you should consider franchising a Signarama sign business.

Beneficial Franchise Opportunities

When you franchise with us, you are choosing a reputable brand with a proven business model. We provide you with all our training guides and manuals. If you do not have any experience with the sign industry, we offer a comprehensive five-week training program that covers everything you need to know about the sign industry and operating a sign franchise.

Attract Customers Easily

With a Signarama franchise, you are more likely to attract customers since other businesses recognise the Signarama brand. We also strategically determine your local and foreign target markets to maximise where clients will generate the most income for you.

Our reputation in the industry gives you the advantage of franchising a business that is already well established as we were named the #1 sign franchise by the Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017.

Growing Sign Industry

New businesses require the marketing power of the signage industry. There are thousands of businesses in Australia that need an effective sign that attracts their target audience. We at Signarama have recognised this need and have employed franchises all over Australia to help businesses promote their brands and products.

Signarama has over thirty years of experience in the sign industry. We ensure that all our franchisees have the confidence and knowledge needed to start their own Signarama franchise.

To inquire about starting a franchise with us, call 1300 616 785 or fill out our form.