Signarama is one of the best franchisors in the signage industry. Working for yourself and operating your own digital signage franchise with Signarama is a phenomenal way to take the next step in your professional career. What could be better than working with a successful, trusted brand to build a business of your own that you can grow into something that is only limited by your dreams and desire? Here are four reasons for choosing Signarama and the benefits that come with a sign franchise.

digital signage franchise

1: A Digital Signage Franchise Brand You Can Trust

Calling Signarama a trusted brand is not a hyperbole. With numerous awards won in the franchising category, Signarama stands out from other franchisors by what it can provide to you and your potential digital signage franchise. Signarama keeps getting those awards thanks to consistently staying ahead of a rapidly growing, and changing, signage franchising industry.

By investing in a digital signage franchise with Signarama you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in a successful brand with more than 30 years of experience in the franchising sector.

2: More Than Just Signs

Yes, the word “sign” is in our name. Yes, we built our business on providing high-quality signage solutions to myriad clients, but today, Signarama is so much more than that. We sell branding solutions for clients across multiple platforms. Whether it is digital or printed signs or wallpaper, banners, and neon, a Signarama digital signage franchise can handle it all and then some.

By offering numerous different types of signage and services, Signarama can stand out from a crowded field and provide the special needs that you and your community need.

3: An Affordable, Reasonable Franchising Option

Running and operating your own digital signage franchise isn’t just for the rich and wealthy. The initial investment to get your Signarama digital signage franchise off the ground is just $64,500. You don’t need to be a millionaire to get your own Signarama franchise up and running. That opens the door for you to work toward being a self-sustaining business owner sooner rather than later.

Your investment covers an intensive five-week training program to get you and your franchise started with sure footing and so much more. We will help you with picking the perfect location for your digital signage franchise, as well as laying out your franchise. We provide ongoing training to both you and your staff throughout the franchising process and continuing on after you’ve opened your doors.

4: Room for Global Opportunities

In addition to being an affordable digital signage option, Signarama offers a unique, flexible franchising concept that can be adapted around the world to fit what you’re looking for and the needs of your local community. Whether you’re in sweltering Darwin or across the globe in London or Berlin, there are international opportunities for you to become the owner of your own digital signage franchise. We will work with you to learn about the demographics of your area as well to hopefully better position your franchise to succeed.

To learn more about how to start a digital signage franchise with Signarama and build your own business today, reach out to us for more information.