4 Reasons to Invest in a Digital Signage Franchise

Signarama is one of the best franchisors in the signage industry. Working for yourself and operating your own digital signage franchise with Signarama is a phenomenal way to take the next step in your professional career. What could be better than working with a successful, trusted brand to build a business of your own that you can grow into something that is only limited by your dreams and desire? Here are four reasons for choosing Signarama and the benefits that come with a sign franchise.

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1: A Digital Signage Franchise Brand You Can Trust

Calling Signarama a trusted brand is not a hyperbole. With numerous awards won in the franchising category, Signarama stands out from other franchisors by what it can provide to you and your potential digital signage franchise. Signarama keeps getting those awards thanks to consistently staying ahead of a rapidly growing, and changing, signage franchising industry.

By investing in a digital signage franchise with Signarama you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in a successful brand with more than 30 years of experience in the franchising sector.

2: More Than Just Signs

Yes, the word “sign” is in our name. Yes, we built our business on providing high-quality signage solutions to myriad clients, but today, Signarama is so much more than that. We sell branding solutions for clients across multiple platforms. Whether it is digital or printed signs or wallpaper, banners, and neon, a Signarama digital signage franchise can handle it all and then some.

By offering numerous different types of signage and services, Signarama can stand out from a crowded field and provide the special needs that you and your community need.

3: An Affordable, Reasonable Franchising Option

Running and operating your own digital signage franchise isn’t just for the rich and wealthy. The initial investment to get your Signarama digital signage franchise off the ground is just $64,500. You don’t need to be a millionaire to get your own Signarama franchise up and running. That opens the door for you to work toward being a self-sustaining business owner sooner rather than later.

Your investment covers an intensive five-week training program to get you and your franchise started with sure footing and so much more. We will help you with picking the perfect location for your digital signage franchise, as well as laying out your franchise. We provide ongoing training to both you and your staff throughout the franchising process and continuing on after you’ve opened your doors.

4: Room for Global Opportunities

In addition to being an affordable digital signage option, Signarama offers a unique, flexible franchising concept that can be adapted around the world to fit what you’re looking for and the needs of your local community. Whether you’re in sweltering Darwin or across the globe in London or Berlin, there are international opportunities for you to become the owner of your own digital signage franchise. We will work with you to learn about the demographics of your area as well to hopefully better position your franchise to succeed.

To learn more about how to start a digital signage franchise with Signarama and build your own business today, reach out to us for more information.

Facts and Figures About the Signage Industry

You might not realise it, but the signage industry means big business. Think about every time you walk past a shop or a restaurant or a petrol station and how many of those places have signs out front for advertising. As the signage industry continues to grow it makes getting into the business with your own Signarama franchise more appealing as the days go by.

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Why Is the Business Booming?

Every company needs some type of signage. Whether that means a company wants a massive flag to wave above their establishment, custom flyers to hand out at a conference, or smart, stylish-looking digital logos, no notable company is without good branding and signage. According to Global Market Insights, the digital signage industry is projected to grow to $23 billion annually by 2023. That’s just the digital signage market and does not include any type of physical signage.

While not growing at the same rate as digital signage, the printed signage market is still gradually increasing. According to Mordor Intelligence, the printed signage industry generated $45.7 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow $46.7 billion by 2023. No matter the medium, the signage industry is on the rise right now.

As many facets of the signage industry continue to grow, Signarama continues to grow with it. There’s a reason that we’re ranked atop the sign franchise industry as well as a top franchise in numerous other categories. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve in the signage industry, and it has paid off with awards for the company and countless success stories for franchisees.

What Is Behind the Growth in the Signage Industry?

The digital sector of the signage industry continues to grow in large part due to the growing presence of digital advertising overall. As more people go online, especially millennials, the need for strong, quality digital signage will continue to increase.

While not growing as rapidly, the printed sector continues to grow in developing countries that do not yet have the same digital capabilities as more developed nations. That means more traditional signs are needed in those locations which helps buoy the printed signage industry overall.

Regardless of the type of signage, Signarama has been at the head of the pack for decades and is looking to continue to grow into the future.

Signarama Leads the Way in Australia

With more than 100 locations across the Commonwealth, Signarama is far and away the signage leader in Australia. Signarama has led the way in the signage industry thanks to our ability to offer complete signage solutions. Beyond just signs, Signarama provides top-to-bottom branding solutions for companies looking to grow their presence across multiple platforms. By doing this at a high level, we are able to build relationships with clients that generate business over years as they become repeat customers.

With three decades in the sign business, we have found ways to grow our footprint within the signage industry and grow our clients along with it.

To learn more about the signage industry, and what it takes to start your own Signarama franchise today, reach out to us for more information.

Who Will My Customers Be? The Types of People Who Patronise Signarama

Now that you have purchased a Signarama franchise for sale, you are most likely wondering what types of people will walk through the front door. It’s a fair question to ask. What makes Signarama such a great franchise is that it appeals to a wide swath of Australians. Converting a Signarama franchise for sale into your own business with a trusted brand name is a phenomenal way to grow as a professional and affect the lives of many different types of people in your community.

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Business Owners Looking to Grow Their Signarama Franchise for Sale

Think of the types of businesses that have a busy, energetic feel to them and are looking to grow their footprint. Businesses that have a need for any type of signage whether they be placards on the wall, smaller items like pens and pen flags, or larger displays like car wraps could be a great client for you and your Signarama franchise for sale.

Signarama is the largest sign and graphics business in the world, and there’s a reason for that. We’ve found a way to adapt our business to fit the needs of clients around the world. Whatever the signage needs, Signarama can find a way to handle them. This is why growing business owners are a phenomenal outlet to target and grow your client base. By offering reputable signage needs, you can help them grow their business by turning curious eyes into new clients.

People Who Want to Work With a Trusted Business

As people become more discerning with who they work with, and where they spend their money, having a sense of trust and comfort in a business transaction is incredibly important. That’s why investing in a Signarama franchise for sale can be such a smart idea for your professional future. Signarama hasn’t grown to its lofty position without providing excellent services time and again. When you look at the awards and other accolades won by Signarama over the years, it becomes clear that people trust us and our brand more than the others in our field. That type of continued success helps bring new clients through our franchisees’ doors looking for top-quality signage services from a brand that they can trust.

A Workable Concept For People From Coast To Coast

One of the many things that makes a Signarama franchise for sale such a convincing franchising option is because of its broad appeal. We aren’t just in one part of the country. Whether you’re in Geelong or Cairns or Perth, there is an available territory for you.

We take pride in offering locations in every state from coast-to-coast, including Tasmania. By having territories across the country, we can be adaptable to you and your community’s needs. What works in Brisbane may not work in Hobart, but our overall, flexible concept means that there should always be a Signarama franchise for sale in your area.

To learn more about how to purchase a Signarama franchise for sale, and to grow your professional career, reach out to us today for more information.

Why Should You Convert Your Existing Business into a Signarama Franchise?

You’ve already decided that the sign industry is the right path for you, but you probably weren’t expecting to find it so competitive. There are countless sign shops out there trying to be successful in this niche market, but only those with established names have the strength to prevail. Converting your business to a Signarama franchise is a great way breathe new life into your business. Signarama franchises have an edge in the sign industry. With a strong brand behind them, countless services, conversion opportunities, and more, franchisees come out on top in the industry. Find out why converting your sign shop and taking advantage of a Signarama franchise opportunity may be the best step for you and your business.

Signarama Franchise Opportunity

Signarama Has Franchises Worldwide

When you convert to a Signarama franchise, you are joining a network of hundreds of franchises around the world. Signarama has a business model that works in many countries, so the possibilities are endless for you and your business. In addition, you have a brand name that is recognizable in all these different countries. This may prove to increase profit by assuring customers that they know exactly what to expect when they walk in the front door. When it comes to digital print materials, customers like consistency. They choose a sign shop that they know has a reputation for addressing all their needs and any jobs they may need to be done. By choosing a Signarama franchise opportunity, you are choosing the best option for your sign shop that will give you a competitive advantage.

The Switch to a Signarama Franchise Opportunity Is Easy

You have already gone through the process of establishing a business, so you certainly do not want to go through it again. Signarama offers a wealth of materials to help with the conversion process, and because the essence of a sign shop is already established, the costs to get started may be considerably less. In addition, converting to a Signarama franchise offers mass purchasing power. If you own an independent sign shop, you know how expensive the equipment and materials can be. You’ve seen your money go toward this and that, and perhaps only a fraction of the time you see the investment pay off in the end. Signarama can help to increase efficiency in your supply chain!

Signarama has a vast network that is strong between franchisees. This leads to lower costs from vendors and on materials that sign shops cannot afford to get on their own. By taking advantage of the Signarama franchise opportunity, you can save money on things that may have been more expensive otherwise. This will help you manage your costs while also keeping your entrepreneurial dream of owning a sign business alive.

Signarama Has a Marketing Program That is Designed to Help You

One of the bigger struggles when you own your own sign shop is marketing yourself to customers. It takes a lot of time to develop a marketing plan, and even then, it may be hard to convince customers to choose your sign shop over a competitor. However, when you own  a Signarama franchise, you get to take advantage of the proven marketing strategy that Signarama has developed to help franchisees expand their business.

With a proven business model, brand recognition, marketing, and countless other materials and resources, it is no wonder that business owners are making the switch to a Signarama franchise opportunity. Signarama is a brand that recognizes that its success comes down to the dedication of their franchisees, and they want to help them stay on the right path in the sign industry. In addition, they try to keep a strong network between franchisees even when they are thousands of miles apart.

If you are considering to make the switch to a Signarama franchise, download this free guide to learn more about the benefits of converting. 

Outstanding Training and Experience Can Make a Huge Difference in the Franchising Process

Investing in a franchise may be one of the best decisions you make in your career. You have done the research and know that a sign franchise is a perfect opportunity for you. The next step is choosing the perfect brand that fits your experience and offers the best sign franchise training out there. At Signarama, we know our franchisees come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Because of this, we make sure our training is intensive enough to help those with less experience pursue their dream franchise opportunity, but understanding enough for those that already have experience in the sign and digital printing industry. Here is an exclusive look inside the sign franchise training you’ll receive with Signarama, along with the prior experience that makes you a good fit.

Sign Franchise Training

Sign Franchise Training Unlike Any Other

When you are searching for the right franchise opportunity, you want to choose the one that is the best in the business. Signarama is an award-winning franchise that has been recognized as a top opportunity in its category. This means it has proved to be one of the best opportunities for a sign franchise, and the training program is part of what makes it great.

Signarama requires all new franchisees, after signing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), to attend an in-person training at the headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. This training is covered by the initial investment and brings a deeper level of knowledge about the sign franchise industry.

In addition to the in-person training, Signarama makes sure you have everything you need for your franchise after you open your doors as well. We offer ongoing support to franchisees so that they always have a person to call for any problems that may arise. This support helps franchisees to keep their businesses on-track.

Concerned About Your Experience? Don’t Be.

Signarama’s training is accommodating to franchisees from a variety of different backgrounds. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the sign franchise industry or investing in one for the first time, Signarama has the right sign franchise training for you. In addition to the in-person training prior to opening a franchise, Signarama also has an extensive resource library for both potential and current franchisees who are looking for more information about the industry, sign franchises, and more.

For those who own small sign shops that are looking for a change, Signarama can accommodate you as well. By converting to a sign franchise, you will be able to take advantage of our worldwide brand recognition and support from the Signarama team of experts that you did not get on your own.

There is a sign franchise opportunity for anyone who has a passion for the industry and general knowledge about business. Thanks to our sign franchise training, any qualified investors will have the skills they need to put them on a path of potential success.

How To Invest in a Franchise

Signarama offers a turn-key investment, which means your investment comes with just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running. The investment comes with the sign franchise training, marketing materials, negotiation assistance for leases, targeted territories, and much more. If you already own a sign shop and want to convert, there is an option for that as well (and with plenty of opportunities to save money). With all the benefits that come with owning your own Signarama, you will see why more and more people are turning their businesses into franchises or investing in one right off the bat. Signarama strives to make sure all potential franchisees, no matter their experience or stage in the franchise journey, have the right information they need to make the best franchise decision for them.

Regardless of your experience, if owning a Signarama is a dream opportunity for you, our extensive sign franchise training and reasonable investment will help you get where you want to be as a franchisee. Through countless additional resources and support, Signarama is able to help our franchisees get their businesses started strong.

For more information about the experience you need to invest in a franchise, download this free guide.


3 Reasons to Become a Signarama Franchise Owner

Owning a Signarama franchise comes with many benefits. Franchising has proven to be a profitable option for entrepreneurs who are looking to make their way in the sign and digital print materials industry, and, although growing, the industry is very competitive. Independently-owned sign shops see the competition and oftentimes can’t keep up. Sign franchise opportunities are continuing to thrive in the industry, and more and more people are investing in them. However, it is important to choose a sign franchise wisely and make sure that their opportunity is right for you. There are many reasons why a Signarama franchise is the best investment for a sign shop, and here are the top three.

Owning a Signarama Franchise

Signarama is #1 in its Category

Why settle for a franchise when you can invest in the best? Signarama has consistently been ranked #1 in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine. In addition, the brand has won several awards and honors over their 30 years of franchising. These facts are something that potential franchisees want to see in a brand they invest in, and Signarama does not disappoint them.

Becoming #1 in a category does not happen just because of the brand, but also because of the franchisees behind it. Signarama cares about its franchisees and shows it through providing ample training and support, as well as resources to help them with any issues that may arise with their franchise. This advanced training and support is something that is not always offered with every franchise opportunity, but it can lead to a higher chance for profit and success in the industry.

Owning a Signarama Franchise is Worth Every Penny

Signarama offers a turn-key investment to franchisees. They break down all the costs right on their franchise website, so potential franchisees can see exactly what comes with the investment before they even make a decision. A brand that shows transparency is portraying that they are open with other matters as well, so franchisees know they can turn to the brand with any questions they may have. Owning a Signarama franchise means you own a part of a larger brand that people know and trust. Signarama helps people around the world by providing quality sign and printing services.

The investment doesn’t just cover the franchise; it covers advertising funds, a mentorship program, lease negotiation assistance, ongoing support, conventions, and more as the franchisee continues on his or her franchising path. Many franchise opportunities don’t offer things that go beyond just the opening of your franchise, but Signarama cares about their franchisees’ journies and wants to be there throughout the process. They want to make sure franchisees are trained and prepared for what lies ahead in terms of their sign franchise. Problems will always arise with any franchise in the industry, but the more ready a franchisee is with a dedicated brand behind them, they are far more likely to overcome obstacles.

There Are Signarama Franchise Opportunities Worldwide

Signarama has been franchising for over thirty years, and in those thirty years, we have expanded not just across country but around the world. This means the business model is developed to be adaptable anywhere, even internationally. Potential franchisees like that they have options when it comes to locations, and Signarama is always there to help with the process. There are Signarama stores all over the world, and there’s plenty of room for more!

Owning a Signarama franchise means investing in an award-winning brand that has won multiple awards and has expanded to other countries. The success of Signarama has not gone unnoticed, and customers choose Signarama over the competition. Having a recognisable brand that is dedicated to its franchisees and helping them stay on a path more poised for success, you know you will be more confident with your investment.

Learn more about what franchisees have to say about owning a Signarama franchise here.

What to Look for When You’re Choosing Your Franchising Brand

If you’re looking to capitalize on the exciting “B2B” (business to business) model by owning a business franchise, look no further that Signarama. We have years of experience helping new franchisees to establish themselves and grow their businesses, providing valuable goods and services that the businesses in their community need. Here are a few pointers on what to look for as you’re choosing a franchisor. We think you’ll find that Signarama has what it takes to be your partner as you embark on your exciting new business endeavor.

A Strong Reputation

When you look into owning a business franchise, you should be sure that the franchisor you select has a strong reputation. After all, when you become a franchisee, their reputation will become your reputation. Signarama has been in business for more than thirty years, and in that time we’ve helped countless businesses with signage needs of all kinds. This longevity combined with our commitment to quality work and offering the latest-and-greatest in sign technology has helped us to build a strong reputation as a brand and as a franchisor. The franchisees who bear our name can be proud knowing that they’re part of a great organization.

owning a business franchise signarama

Training and Support Opportunities

Owning a business franchise is a great opportunity, but you won’t be able to make the most of it unless your franchisor properly prepares you. Unfortunately, some franchisors like to “cut and run” when it comes to training and support. They’ll provide their franchisees with a manual, a bare-bones training,  and afterwards don’t offer much by way of support if you have questions or concerns. Signarama does all we can to help our franchisees feel prepared and confident in all stages of running their business. Our training programme doesn’t end after your initial in-person training — we’ll send one of our experts right to your store to help ensure you’re implementing our policies and procedures correctly. We’re also proud to offer plenty of support options after your training has ended, such as marketing support and a technical help phone line. Our mentoring program will help to ensure that you get great advice and guidance as you continue to grow your business. These are just a few of the ways Signarama provides top-notch training and support opportunities to our franchisees.

If you’re thinking of owning a business franchise, these are a few important qualities to consider. Contact us today to learn more about the process of becoming a Signarama franchisee!

Why Choosing an Existing Franchise Is Better Than Going It Alone

There are many franchise myths out there. We’ve heard just about all of them, and one of the worst myths of all is that going it alone and starting a business from scratch is a better option that franchising. While some entrepreneurs may relish the challenge of building their own business from the ground up, many others appreciate the support and guidance they receive from franchisors. In this entry, we’ll challenge the franchise myth that going it alone is better than buying tested.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Established Brand

One of the most significant benefits of opting to franchise rather than building a new business from scratch is the brand recognition you’ll enjoy. It can take new business owners years to develop a strong reputation for themselves. They need to prove to the customers in their community that they provide high-quality products and services, and can be trusted to get the job done right. When you franchise with Signarama, you’ll enjoy all of the recognition that goes along with our brand name. We’ve spent more than 30 years helping businesses with their signage needs, and in that time we’ve developed a positive reputation for quality and service. When you franchise with us, you’ll instantly enjoy all of the benefits of our brand name, helping customers to more easily identify who you are and what you do. Why believe the franchise myth and spend valuable time and resources establishing a reputation that we can bestow upon you overnight?

franchise myths Signarama

Learn the Industry With Valuable Training and Support

Another insidious franchise myth is that franchisors are predatory, looking to make a quick buck and disappearing when the going gets tough for their franchisees. Nothing could be further from the truth with Signarama. We understand that your success is our success,  so we invest massive resources in your training and support. You’ll travel to our headquarters in  West Palm Beach, Florida in the United States to learn the ins and outs of sign-making, running your business, and more. Next, one of our experts will join you at your location to help you implement all you’ve learned! Finally, our ongoing support will help you to run your business with confidence and clarity in every stage.

These are just a few reasons why we suggest you disregard the franchise myths, and rely on professional franchisors like Signarama to help you establish yourself in the sign-making industry. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a franchisee!

Best Practices Every Business Owner Should Follow

When you open a Signarama of your own, you’ll be well-versed in best practices. After all, we’re proud that all of our franchisees attend a comprehensive training programme at our headquarters in West Palm Beach,  Florida in the United States. Next, they work with an expert at their location to implement what they’ve learned, and have access to an array of ongoing support systems. If you’re thinking of opening a Signarama franchise, you may be wondering about some of the business practices we recommend our franchisees follow. In this post, we’ll give you a quick look at some of these key practices.

Invest Time in Networking

As a business that markets its products and services to other businesses, it’s key that Signarama franchisees invest time in networking with the entrepreneurs and business owners in their community. Taking the time to get involved in local chamber of commerce activities, attending functions geared towards local businesses, or simply getting to know your neighbors is a valuable way to cultivate new customers. When you invest time in networking, you’ll be spreading the word about who you are and what you do, establishing yourself as a go-to sign-maker in your community. Thus, networking is a key component in identifying your clientele.

sign business franchise

Stay on Top of New Developments

One of the benefits of owning a Signarama franchise is that you’ll be able to take advantage of the research and development we’re constantly conducting. We are always looking into the latest and greatest in sign technology so that our franchisees are able to offer the products and services that their customers demand. Stay on top of these new developments by regularly participating in Signarama corporate meetings, online seminars, and more. 

Customer Service is Key

As in any business, building repeat customers is an important key to success. Help to grow your business by dedicating your full effort to getting each job done right and on time. Be sure that you always keep your customers needs in mind, and be ready to offer suggestions for additional products and services that they might find useful. Understanding who your customers are, investing time in helping them, and anticipating what they’ll need next are great ways to show your clients that you care about them and their businesses.

These are just a few ways that Signarama franchise owners can maximize on their potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees!

Do Something You Love and Have Fun While You’re at It!

Owning a franchise is a great way to start a new career in business for yourself. We believe that for prospective investors, Signarama is a great choice because of the need for our products, the degree of support we offer our franchisees, and the strength of our brand name. Starting a new business is tempting to many, but there are several hassles and hurdles that often prevent people from taking the next steps. Signarama works to eliminate many of these barriers, making running one of our businesses a fun investment for our franchisees.

Business to Business Model

Signarama works under a business to business (or “B2B”) model. This means that we market our products to other businesses rather than consumers at large. The B2B business model provides some measure of security for our franchisees — businesses need signage! Whether it’s to promote a grand opening, a new product, or a sale, businesses rely on Signarama to provide them with the promotional products they need to get the word out about their offerings. While consumer tastes can change depending on the economy, trends, and preferences, businesses need the products we’re selling, making our franchises important pillars of their local business communities.

owning a franchise signarama

Training and Support

Many prospective franchisees wonder if they have what it takes to run a sign-making franchise given their limited experience in the field. The great news is that Signarama has developed a comprehensive training and support programme designed to help get franchisees from all backgrounds up to speed on just what it takes to produce our products, manage our locations, and more. With our assistance in everything from negotiating a lease, to marketing support, to a highly-effective mentor program, we strive to make it as hassle-free for our franchisees to get their doors open and grow their business.

A Well-Established Brand

Signarama has been in business for decades,  and in that time we’ve produced countless signs, banners, car wraps, and other promotional products for the businesses we serve. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence. Customers all over the world equate the Signarama name with quality. This strong reputation will help our franchisees as they establish a name for themselves. Rather than spending years building up a reputation for themselves, they can instantly capitalize on the strength of our brand recognition.

These are just a few reasons that owning a franchise with Signarama is a great way to start a new career. Contact us today to learn more!