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One of the most important benefits for franchisees in any industry is the brand recognition of the company they are franchising with. Franchisees look forward to being able to open a new location while still enjoying customers who are familiar with their brand and services. At Signarama, we are proud of the strong reputation we’ve cultivated over 30 years. Check out these franchise reviews that show what some of our customers had to say about doing business with Signarama.

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Competitive pricing, great customer service, and fast delivery

This is the first review that I have wanted to write. This probably speaks to my high expectations of how a customer should be treated. From start to finish all of my expectations were met or exceeded by the staff at Front Range Signarama. We had a need for signs but we didn’t know what we wanted. They gave us several designs. We wanted them quick and they delivered. To top it all off the pricing was very competitive! We not only recommend Front Range Signarama to you, we are also depending on them to design signs for our future needs.  Thanks Larry, Barbara, Ashley, and Chris for your wonderful service!  –Ed  5/15/15

We’re excited that Ed was able to find what he was looking for, and that he knows he can depend on us for his future signage needs. 

Satisfied customers in Australia

Check out what these satisfied customers had to say! We’re looking forward to working with them again. 

“The two major signs that I had done were absolutely FANTASTIC. Any future work will come directly to Signarama. 1000% happy with the service.” -Tony Hill, Stanwell

“We are very satisfied. Great work; fast and courteous. Overall, a GREAT job!” -DHL

“Fast, simple and easy. Thanks so much for all your help.” -Eagers Mitsubish

As these franchise reviews demonstrate, Signarama has developed a reputation for excellence that our customers know they can count on. Why start a sign business from scratch, and spend years cultivating repeat customers and building up a reputation, when you can take advantage of the customer loyalty we’ve developed by franchising with Signarama?

If you think you have what it takes to offer the kind of attention to detail, dedication to speed and quality, and excellent customer service that our customers count on, franchising with Signarama might be for you! Contact us today to learn more about our business.

A Brief Rundown of Important Points in the Disclosure Document

Owning a franchise is a powerful step towards financial stability for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. If the benefits of owning a business and operating in a tried-and-tested model are not enough to convince you, we recommend taking a good look at your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

The Franchise Disclosure Document contains a wealth of background information about the franchise and the franchisor. This piece of document is about 100 to 200 pages long, divided into 23 important sections that enrich your knowledge of the franchise. We recommend enlisting the help of a franchise lawyer to fully understand the legal and financial information enclosed in the document.


Franchisors must hand over the FDD to their potential franchise partners 14 calendar days prior to signing any contracts or going into any transactions. The FDD may also be provided upon the franchisee’s request.

Past and Present Franchisees

If you are unsure of the franchise, the best way to get to know the business is through the people working with the franchise. The FDD contains the names and contact details of the current franchisees. Use this information to ask about their experience as a franchise partner. Their insights will paint a clearer picture of what to expect in terms of expenses and profitability.

Financial Expectations

Another section of the FDD presents the Financial Performance Representations of a franchise. Simply put, this section shows what a potential franchise partner can earn. To a franchisee, this information is crucial to understanding the business better. Industry stats suggest that the data displayed in this section offer a glimpse of the franchise’s growth per location.

Training Programmes and Financing

A number of provisions in the FDD disclose the type of support and sponsoring the franchise can provide to help you operate the franchise. The FDD can determine if the franchisor sponsors financing for new franchisees, identify the services they will provide before and after the branch opens and provide a detailed description of the training programmes.

The Necessary Initial Step

The information above is just a few quick pointers about the kinds of essential information you will find in the FDD. It’s a vital aspect of the research process to help guide your decision and determine if the franchise is suitable for your financial goals.

The role of a professional franchise lawyer is crucial to understanding the FDD. He or she will decipher provisions of the FDD concerning both the franchisor and the prospective franchisee. Proper and adequate grasp of the FDD can protect you from future problems encountered by franchisees who don’t read the document.

If you need any more information about the FDD, or if you are interested in joining the Signarama team, feel free to download our free E-book. It contains helpful information about joining the Signarama franchise even without prior franchise or entrepreneurial experience. It shows the different ways our team prepares franchisees to own their own business with confidence.

For any other enquiries, feel free to contact our team at 1300 616 785.

The Five Most Common Untruths You Hear About Franchising

Business owners shaking handsFranchising is becoming an increasingly popular choice for business in Australia. With this rising popularity, however, comes a vast array of false claims that hinder many entrepreneurs from taking charge of their own investments. When taken at face value, these misconceptions could prevent a potential franchisee from taking advantage of a perfect business opportunity.

Don’t be too quick to heed franchise myths. Below are five of the most common lies you will hear about franchising as well as their corresponding truths:

‘You can’t invest in a business you know absolutely nothing about’.

This is untrue. Although it is natural for some people to remain within their comfort zones and stick to their areas of expertise, a franchise business provides a potential franchisee many opportunities for success. In fact, at Signarama, we encourage our franchisees to make the most of the training and support that we offer. Our programmes include an initial five-week training, a start-up support process before the business opens as well as ongoing support to help franchisees stay competitive in the industry.

‘There is no freedom in a franchise business because the corporate management dictates everything’.

Lack of freedom is one of the most common reasons many entrepreneurs reject the idea of a franchise. If there’s one thing that a franchise business ‘dictates’, it is maintaining the basic framework of the business. The rest is up to you. You decide who to hire, what tools to use when managing daily transactions and how to market your business to your audience.

‘Creativity doesn’t exist in a franchise’.

False. Similar to the previous false claim, the franchisor can only help you upto a certain extent. Yes, there are protocols you’ll have to follow, such as pricing, branding and uniforms. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate your ideas into your own business. Franchisors wouldn’t want to stifle your creativity because, sometimes, the best ideas can come from you.The famous Egg McMuffin, for instance, is the brainchild of a McDonald’s franchisee.

‘Don’t know what franchise to choose? Wait. It will be love at first sight’.

Many aspiring business owners believe that leaving their fate to the stars is enough. They should know, however, that every successful business begins with extensive research. It is important to take the time to learn about a franchise business and look into its potentials of success.

‘It’s impossible to fail with a franchise business’.

Just like every business model, a franchise is also subject to risks. This is why the franchisor is here to guide every new franchisee during the tough process of starting a business. It’s also up to you to implement the franchisor’s directive correctly while making sure it succeeds. Identify areas in your business where you can make improvements. Learn what you can from past failures and experienced individuals to help your business grow stronger.

Signarama is one of the most successful franchise businesses in the world. In 2015, Signarama was ranked the #1 Sign Franchise and #74 in all franchises in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500. To learn more about how you can invest in a Signarama franchise, visit our website today.

The Secrets to Successfully Running a Franchise

A businessman speaking to his teamAspiring entrepreneurs dream of becoming their own boss in a field that they’re passionate about. Several career paths allow these dreams to become reality – one of which is owning a business franchise.

Becoming a franchisee offers the opportunity to not only exercise your entrepreneurial skills, but also acquire new skills to help you succeed in an established and proven business structure.

As in every business venture, success in franchise doesn’t happen overnight. To prosper and operate effectively in the field, keep these important lessons in mind:

Make the Most of Your Resources

Joining a franchise opens the door to endless opportunities, regardless of experience. As a first-timer, you will undergo the necessary training to help you learn the ins and outs of the business. Better yet, the assistance you will receive doesn’t end in the training programmes. You will have ongoing access to our support, so you can rest assured that we can help track and facilitate your progress.

For further assistance, we have a wealth of resource materials to help you mitigate any obstacles and issues that arise. Your partners can also guide you in the right direction.

Utilising all these resources to the fullest takes you one-step closer to franchise success.

Stick to the Business Model

Being a franchise partner allows you access to time-tested business models. This takes away the guesswork of building a business from scratch. Without the business model, the franchise would not be able to retain its cohesiveness and consistency, which are traits that make the franchise industry a network of successful businesses.

Using the resources at your disposal and following the business model enable you to not only thrive, but eventually succeed in your business franchise.

Choose a franchisor with years of experience in the industry and a record of accomplishment. Learn more about joining the Signarama franchise today.

The Top Advantages of Investing in a Signarama Franchise

A business owner at a meetingFranchises are becoming increasingly popular as a business venture in Australia. With a franchise, you are your own boss while enjoying the benefits of an established reputation, loyal following and a wide network. They provide high returns on investment and give you great room for success.

If you’ve been searching for a viable franchise business, here are the reasons you should choose Signarama:

Immersive Training

At Signarama, however, you can expect true immersion. You will have access to our training guides, manuals and extensive systems once you’ve signed up with us. Our team will provide you with assistance in financing, site selection, staffing requirements and more. We are not looking for someone to make signs 48 hrs a week! We are looking for a business person to run a business! Now that is why we teach you every aspect of your new business. Including how to manage, operate and promote a successful signarama.

Local and International Support

Accredited by the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking Group, Signarama franchises can receive up to 50% of funding if they qualify for financial assistance. Joining us also opens more funding opportunities from the International Franchise Group, our parent company.

Proven Model

Established in 1987, Signarama is now one of the leading franchise businesses in Australia. We have over 30 years of experience and around 900 stores worldwide. Amongst reputable franchise brands across the globe, we were also ranked number one by Entrepreneur Franchise 500.

Repeat Business

Wevalueand nurture our relationships with customers, suppliers and other businesses. Investing in a Signarama franchise gives you the chance to work with the client base our team has built over the years. With us, you will have a strong foundation for repeat business.

Ready-to-Own Opportunities

Signarama doesn’t require its franchisees to have experience in the industry to launch a franchise. In fact, we offer ready-to-own opportunities for qualified candidates who are ready to invest in a franchise business. Our franchise consultants are always available to assist you with your application process.

You can expect success with a Signarama franchise. If you’re interested in starting your business with us, feel free to fill out our form today.

3 Reasons Why You Should Franchise a Sign Business

A franchise owner working at his officeA sign that shows a business’ brand name is an integral part of marketing. An attractive business sign captures the attention of consumers and should entice them to know more about your business. Businesses that manufacture signs create different types of signs such as store signs on a poster board and vehicle wraps.

Digital signage is becoming popular due to advancements in technology. For instance, digital signage can use LED lights or can be projected from large plasma screen TVs. With the rise of digital signage, many people are investing in the sign business.

If you are interested in venturing into the sign industry, Signarama can help. We are a conversion franchise that helps you transform your current sign business into a Signarama franchise. Here are three reasons why you should consider franchising a Signarama sign business.

Beneficial Franchise Opportunities

When you franchise with us, you are choosing a reputable brand with a proven business model. We provide you with all our training guides and manuals. If you do not have any experience with the sign industry, we offer a comprehensive five-week training program that covers everything you need to know about the sign industry and operating a sign franchise.

Attract Customers Easily

With a Signarama franchise, you are more likely to attract customers since other businesses recognise the Signarama brand. We also strategically determine your local and foreign target markets to maximise where clients will generate the most income for you.

Our reputation in the industry gives you the advantage of franchising a business that is already well established as we were named the #1 sign franchise by the Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017.

Growing Sign Industry

New businesses require the marketing power of the signage industry. There are thousands of businesses in Australia that need an effective sign that attracts their target audience. We at Signarama have recognised this need and have employed franchises all over Australia to help businesses promote their brands and products.

Signarama has over thirty years of experience in the sign industry. We ensure that all our franchisees have the confidence and knowledge needed to start their own Signarama franchise.

To inquire about starting a franchise with us, call 1300 616 785 or fill out our form.

First Time Owning a Business? No Problem. Signarama Has a Solution

People Talking In Front Of PCA Signarama franchisee is never alone through his or her journey to success. We provide our franchisees with the sufficient knowledge and skills for a great start and the support to overcome any issues that may arise.

If you decide to be a Signarama franchisee, here are just some of the things you can expect from our comprehensive training programme:

Technical Knowledge

You don’t need any experience in the sign printing industry to be a Signarama franchisee. Some of our best performing franchisees come from completely unrelated backgrounds.

We conduct comprehensive training on the systems and technologies involved in a sign business so that franchisees obtain the technical know-how to run the business on day in and day out basis.

Technical Marketing Training

There’s more to running a business than providing quality products and first-rate customer service. You also must market the business effectively in order to set yourself apart from competitors and build your client base. We empower your marketing skills by conducting a technical marketing training, where you learn how to attract customers and effectively promote the features of the products.

Start Up Support

We provide extensive support to make sure our franchisees are off to a good start. We assist our franchisees through site selection, lease negotiation, store design planning and staff hire and training. We also provide ongoing support, additional training sessions and regional meetings to help our franchisees thrive and further develop.

Any franchise can claim that they offer training, but no other training programme is as immersive as Signarama franchise support.

Browse our website today for more information on the world’s largest digital signage franchise.

Three Important Qualities of a Successful Franchise Business

Young Entrepreneur Franchise businesses have been taking over the Australian economical landscape over the last few years. More business-minded people are going straight to franchisors rather than investing their money in founding their own company. Why? Security and a proven business model.

You can be your own boss, says Peter Birkeland, all while operating under a trademark with established market recognition.

In Australia, there are over a thousand business format franchise systems in operation. If you already have a franchise and you want to stand out, here are three things your business should have:

Excellent Management

Parent companies have reliable systems and a loyal following – all you have to do is keep your existing franchise afloat, financially and reputation-wise.

Once you secure a franchise, it is your job to ensure that the business runs according to the standards set by the franchisor. Refrain from deviating from the franchisor’s established procedures. If necessary, however, be sure to let them know before you make any changes.

Strong Support from Your Franchisor

Franchisors take care of their franchisees. Part of their responsibility as a parent company is to ensure that all its franchise branches are carrying their brand name well.

When your franchisor offers you support such as modules and marketing strategies, utilise them. Take advantage of on-site training, consultation appointments and mentoring programs. All these will contribute to your own store’s success.

Heavy Focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction

In communities where brand awareness may still be weak, repeat customers and referrals are vital. Putting customer service and satisfaction at the heart of your business will increase your following in a shorter span of time.

Your employees should receive appropriate training on how to engage with customers, whether it’s in-store or online. If your customers feel they are valuable, they are most likely to do business with you again.

Signarama is a sign business franchise company with over thirty years in the industry. Work with us today and get a competitive edge in the signage and graphics market.