3 Reasons Why Signarama Stands Out from the Crowd

In the sign-making industry, there are many options for entrepreneurs to choose. You could open your own business from scratch, but going this route can mean a lot of uncertainty and risk for business owners. You could choose to open a franchise, but which one do you pick? It’s crucial that you choose a brand that will respect and support you as a franchisee. Here are a few reasons why Signarama stands out as an excellent franchisor.

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Fantastic training and support

Signarama is a member of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands. Not only does Signarama have more than 30 years of experience in the sign industry, UFG has years of experience in growing franchise brands. With this combination of experience, you’re in great hands when it comes to training and support. In addition to the two weeks of training you’ll participate in at our headquarters in Florida, you’ll receive marketing assistance and site selection assistance on top of ongoing support as you begin to grow your business. When you franchise with Signarama, you’re never running your business alone- you’re part of a family.

A complete signage solution

Signarama offers its customers a complete signage solution, and is prepared to handle all of their signage needs from indoor and outdoor signs to flags and vehicle wraps. As a complete signage solution, clients know they can rely on Signarama for their promotional needs. Once you’ve helped a customer to design the perfect sign one time, you can look forward to their remembering you when it comes to their next signage need. We believe that the range of products and solutions we offer positions us as a leader in the industry.

Research and development

The sign industry is always evolving, with new innovations and trends regularly appearing. We are proud of our research and development department that works to stay on top of these changes in the marketplace so that we can, in turn, pass them on to our franchisees. Having this team to guide you is just one of the invaluable resources that helps to Signarama to stand out from the rest!

These are just a few of the reasons we believe Signarama is the sign business franchise for you. Reach out to us today to learn more!

A Brief Guide to Investing in a Franchise

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Franchising is becoming more and more popular in Australia. The marketplace is now filled with a vast array of franchise systems over a wide range of industries. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing franchise businesses over the traditional format of starting from scratch. This is because franchisees benefit from the established business models and training programmes provided by many franchisors.

Starting your own franchise is a huge step if you’re venturing into it for the first time. Transitioning from a corporate job into self-employment can be intimidating, but not if you have a guide!

Here are Signarama’s six key steps to investing in a franchise:

Step 1: Self-Evaluation

Remember: a franchise is an investment. Just like any business, you need time to consider if this venture is the best setup for you. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before signing any formal agreements with a franchisor. You also need to decide whether you’re ready to commit to running your own franchise, including meeting the company standards. Be sure to learn all about the policies and procedures of the brand you’re thinking of franchising with and carefully consider how well you’ll be able to implement them.

Step 2: Research

Narrow down your choices and learn as much you can about your potential franchisors. If a franchisor has brochures or websites, take the effort to browse them. Read their conditions carefully and ask existing franchisees about their experience with your chosen franchisor. Review disclosure documents to get a complete understanding of the franchisor’s business. A sign of a great franchisor is how much information they provide for potential franchisees. At Signarama, we’re proud to have developed a whole website dedicated to franchise information. Check it out!

Step 3: Look for a Potential Site

If you currently live in a low-traffic area with a few businesses, try searching for sites that will be likely to bring in favourable revenue and foot traffic. What kinds of businesses are well-established in your community? What kinds of businesses are missing? One of the benefits of franchising with Signarama is our business-to-business model that capitalizes on the needs of the businesses in your community.

Step 4: Secure Funding

Financial security is important when going into franchising. Some entrepreneurs save up for their investment capital before starting their business. Others prefer securing a loan. If you opt to apply for a loan, present your business plan to your potential lender. Given Signarama’s experience and ANZ accreditation, we may be able to help some of our franchisees to secure financing.

Step 5: Visit the Franchisor

Pay your franchisor’s headquarters a visit if you can. This is a great opportunity to get firsthand answers to your questions, as well as meet the people who will guide you in your next business venture. Keep in mind that they will also be evaluating you as their potential franchisee. Acquire all the information you need while putting your best foot forward. If visiting your franchisor in-person isn’t an option, reach out to them remotely! You can get in touch with Signarama both by phone at 1300-616-786 and online to learn more about franchising with us.

Step 6: Sign the Agreement

The final step is making the decision. If you’ve determined that the franchise business matches your financial resources, has a portfolio of satisfied franchisees, provides you with the guidance that you need and will help you achieve your dreams of business ownership, it is time to sign the agreement!

Signarama is a sign franchise with over thirty years in the industry. In 2015, Signarama was ranked the #1 Sign Franchise and #74 overall in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. We are a powerful brand that provides our franchisees with an incredible franchising opportunity. With Signarama, building your own franchise is more rewarding than ever.

Learn more about our business model today!

How Digital Signage Helps a Business Attract Customers

Digital Printing

Historically, the sign and print industry created store signage manually. People used to create signs by writing on a wooden board or painting a store’s name on a timber or metal board. Printing machines allowed for much greater flexibility and quality in creating signs. The machines used stamping mechanisms to put lettering on a hard plastic to create a store’s signage.

Currently, digital printing is revolutionising the sign and print industry by introducing eye-catching store signage that uses intricate typography. With the rise of new technology, digital signage is one of most effective ways to attract customers to your store.

Visual Impact

Although digital signage can cost more than traditional signs, presenting it outside your store is a strong way to capture people’s attention. Whether it’s a wall of TV monitors or a bright, high-resolution LED display, you can use digital signage to inform your audiences about your business. You don’t need to bombard your digital signage with a variety of colours and text. When designing your digital sign, remember that simplicity is key to convincing a person to stop and read about your business through a digital sign.

Engaging Customers

You can take advantage of digital signage by updating it with any message you want at any time of the day. Showing a new message allows your business to expand your audience reach, and it can also promote your company’s new products or update readers on company developments.

The power of digital technology means your sign can have touch-screen features that engages customers. The more interactive your sign is, the more interested your customers will be about your company.

Open a Sign and Print Franchise Business

Signarama can help you open a sign printing franchise business. We keep up with the latest developments in the sign and print industry, which includes digital signage. Providing you with training and support, you can help yourself and others in the set up a franchise in a booming industry.

Reasons To Convert Your Current Business Into A Sign Franchise

The power of a brand name is something we see and experience every day in our lives. People often prefer a certain brand over others, even if it costs more or has an identical offering to cheaper competitors. It’s something we’ve noticed as Signarama franchisors and it’s just one of the reasons why converting your current signage business into a Signarama franchise could boost your bottom line.

Having been in the franchising business for quite some time, we’ve come to learn all about the pros and cons of working as part of a franchise network versus going it alone. We have learnt over the years that offering independent stores the chance to become franchisees is something that benefits both parties.

While the biggest advantage of joining Signarama is becoming part of an internationally recognized and award-winning brand, there are dozens of other advantages that you’ll find make the decision more than worth the investment but for now, we’d just like to address two of the most impactful:

Mass Purchasing PowerThe Signarama network of franchisees get everything that they need directly from us. It’s one of the advantages of buying into a turnkey investment. When you join us, you immediately get access to our mass purchasing power and will soon find yourself enjoying vendor negotiated deals at a fraction of what you used to pay.

Mass Marketing PowerOne of the biggest costs you can incur as a business owner is marketing. You might feel that it isn’t worth it, even though you know that techniques such as search engine optimization and social media marketing have been proven to work. When you convert your business into a Signarama franchise we’ll step in and take care of all your regional and global marketing. You won’t just get a cookie cutter effort either. We’ll use both traditional marketing’s as well as digital marketing to make sure your business excels in the location it’s in.

There are many more advantages to converting into a franchise than just the two listed above. To find to how you could uniquely benefit, please fill out our form today and one of our franchise experts will be in touch to show you how beneficial converting to a franchise can be.