Digital Printing

Historically, the sign and print industry created store signage manually. People used to create signs by writing on a wooden board or painting a store’s name on a timber or metal board. Printing machines allowed for much greater flexibility and quality in creating signs. The machines used stamping mechanisms to put lettering on a hard plastic to create a store’s signage.

Currently, digital printing is revolutionising the sign and print industry by introducing eye-catching store signage that uses intricate typography. With the rise of new technology, digital signage is one of most effective ways to attract customers to your store.

Visual Impact

Although digital signage can cost more than traditional signs, presenting it outside your store is a strong way to capture people’s attention. Whether it’s a wall of TV monitors or a bright, high-resolution LED display, you can use digital signage to inform your audiences about your business. You don’t need to bombard your digital signage with a variety of colours and text. When designing your digital sign, remember that simplicity is key to convincing a person to stop and read about your business through a digital sign.

Engaging Customers

You can take advantage of digital signage by updating it with any message you want at any time of the day. Showing a new message allows your business to expand your audience reach, and it can also promote your company’s new products or update readers on company developments.

The power of digital technology means your sign can have touch-screen features that engages customers. The more interactive your sign is, the more interested your customers will be about your company.

Open a Sign and Print Franchise Business

Signarama can help you open a sign printing franchise business. We keep up with the latest developments in the sign and print industry, which includes digital signage. Providing you with training and support, you can help yourself and others in the set up a franchise in a booming industry.