You might not realise it, but the signage industry means big business. Think about every time you walk past a shop or a restaurant or a petrol station and how many of those places have signs out front for advertising. As the signage industry continues to grow it makes getting into the business with your own Signarama franchise more appealing as the days go by.

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Why Is the Business Booming?

Every company needs some type of signage. Whether that means a company wants a massive flag to wave above their establishment, custom flyers to hand out at a conference, or smart, stylish-looking digital logos, no notable company is without good branding and signage. According to Global Market Insights, the digital signage industry is projected to grow to $23 billion annually by 2023. That’s just the digital signage market and does not include any type of physical signage.

While not growing at the same rate as digital signage, the printed signage market is still gradually increasing. According to Mordor Intelligence, the printed signage industry generated $45.7 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow $46.7 billion by 2023. No matter the medium, the signage industry is on the rise right now.

As many facets of the signage industry continue to grow, Signarama continues to grow with it. There’s a reason that we’re ranked atop the sign franchise industry as well as a top franchise in numerous other categories. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve in the signage industry, and it has paid off with awards for the company and countless success stories for franchisees.

What Is Behind the Growth in the Signage Industry?

The digital sector of the signage industry continues to grow in large part due to the growing presence of digital advertising overall. As more people go online, especially millennials, the need for strong, quality digital signage will continue to increase.

While not growing as rapidly, the printed sector continues to grow in developing countries that do not yet have the same digital capabilities as more developed nations. That means more traditional signs are needed in those locations which helps buoy the printed signage industry overall.

Regardless of the type of signage, Signarama has been at the head of the pack for decades and is looking to continue to grow into the future.

Signarama Leads the Way in Australia

With more than 100 locations across the Commonwealth, Signarama is far and away the signage leader in Australia. Signarama has led the way in the signage industry thanks to our ability to offer complete signage solutions. Beyond just signs, Signarama provides top-to-bottom branding solutions for companies looking to grow their presence across multiple platforms. By doing this at a high level, we are able to build relationships with clients that generate business over years as they become repeat customers.

With three decades in the sign business, we have found ways to grow our footprint within the signage industry and grow our clients along with it.

To learn more about the signage industry, and what it takes to start your own Signarama franchise today, reach out to us for more information.