Despite franchising being a trusted way to run a successful business, many people still have the wrong ideas about what owning and running a franchise actually involves. These myths have their origin in a number of places including disgruntled colleagues or even the wildfire comment section of the internet.

If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a Signarama franchising opportunity but held back because you heard bad things about it, make sure you don’t believe these common myths about franchising. When it comes to franchising, you owe it to yourself to get your facts straight before you make a decision.

THE FIRST MYTH: “Once the franchisors have trained me, they will abandon me. I won’t have anyone to turn to if I run into problems or if I need to ask a question.”

THE MYTH DEBUNKED: At Signarama we recognize that many franchisees come from a technical/ managerial signage background and don’t have financial expertise. As financial management could make or break your business, it’s normal to feel concerned about a lack of experience in this regard. With Signarama you can kiss those worries goodbye as you’ll have access to training sessions and educational opportunities for as long as you remain a Signarama franchise owner. And while your initial training might have taken place at our American headquarters, ongoing support will be accessible to you in whatever region of Australia you’re operating in.

THE SECOND MYTH: “It’s going to take months or years before I will be able to see profits from my franchise. In the meantime, how will I pay the bills and support my family?”

THE MYTH DEBUNKED: Signarama isn’t just a franchise – it’s a turnkey franchise. This means that everything you could possibly need to get going (from the location of your store, marketing and branding to the machinery you’ll need to create signs) is presented to you at the outset. You’ll even get assistance with hiring the right staff members. From day one, you could start earning money. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you start turning a profit.

If this franchise opportunity interests you, you can always get in touch with us by visiting our website and asking us directly. We’re more than happy to dispel any other myths you might have.

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