As Shakespeare described quite aptly, once a reputation is lost, the most important and immortal part is lost forever. In line with this, when you are deciding on the best franchise, it is always a good idea to verify the franchise’s reputation first.

For example, if you take into account Signarama’s franchise reputation, you will note that they have been awarded with many accolades—and this is important because the reputation of a franchise is dependent upon the reviews and opinions of customers and others within the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at Signarama’s franchise reputation and, by using this as a model franchise, you will have a better idea of what to look for with regard to reputation.


Number One

Entrepreneur Magazine named Signarama as the number one franchise company in its Franchise 500 category. This achievement shows clearly how the franchise is running and how well it is being received by the public and other businesses. When a franchise is healthy, other companies and journalists will take note of it, which is why owning a franchise like Signarama puts you and your store in a good spot before you even begin your first day’s work.Signarama’s franchise reputation elevates their stores all over the world to a higher standard than any other signage franchise company.

Gold Medal

In 2012, Signarama was named Franchisee of the year by the prestigious Franchise Council of Australia. Following that, Signarama went on to receive a gold medal at the annual Australian Sign and Graphics Association. With such accolades, Signarama’s franchise reputation gives confidence to prospective franchisees.

In 2016, Signarama was a finalist at the Franchise Council of Australia’s annual awards dinner in the “International Franchisor of the Year” category, the first time that the brand was considered for such a prestigious honour.

High Calibre

Signarama franchise from South Florida received the Excalibur 2012 Award, which proved that Signarama’s franchise reputation carries through from country to country. All around the world, with 900-and-counting Signarama franchisees, it can only mean that the reputation has stuck and that the services offered are in accordance with its high-calibre offering.

Discover why Signarama deserves these accolades and special awards. By paying attention to the awards, the acknowledgment and praise a franchise receives, your choice for making an informed and profitable decision is made easier.

For more information, visit and discover what opportunities are available to you, and take note of the growth and sustained franchise reputation Signarama has kept over these past three decades.