Have you ever considered becoming a potential franchisee and investigated the business in question? Sometimes you will see a list of awards and recognitions that are all supposed to make you trust the business more and soon you want to take advantage of a franchise opportunity and become a franchisee.

But not all that glitters is gold and just because a franchise has won a certain award, doesn’t mean that the award in question is respected in the industry. Signarama is one of Australia’s most recognised and awarded franchise opportunities. Now, discover why these awards mean so much to us and the industry.

The first thing you will notice about Signarama’s awards are that they have been given from both international and local organisations located right here in Australia. In the past, Signarama franchisees have scooped both nominations and first place awards for the FCA’s International Franchise of the Year. This in itself is a sizable accomplishment, seeing that this body represents a sector that generates over $146 billion dollars in revenue.

Internationally, Signarama has come first in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking and over the years has continued to rank highly. These rankings are not given easily and several core factors contribute to the rankings. It takes a look at the total investment, franchise and royalty fees required. It also evaluated the average growth rate of the business and the kind of training, operational and marketing support franchisees receive. The award takes into account the franchising infrastructure and financing opportunities available. Importantly, audited financial statements are confidentially evaluated. It is up to franchises to choose to volunteer this information and it is only open to financially healthy businesses.

So what can a potential franchisee take away from evaluating the above awards?

Firstly, it’s evident that Signarama is being recognised as a profitable and successful franchise opportunity and that even in Australia it’s being held responsible for making valuable contributions to the local franchise industry.

These awards also recognise Signarama as a reputable and reliable franchise opportunity, not just for the clients that we provide services to, but more importantly to us, for the franchisees who join our team and enjoy the support we provide as we train them up in our unrivalled models and processes, gear them to start trading and nurture them towards success.

These are just a few of the awards that Signarama has received – there are also leadership awards that the company’s founders have received as well as awards to do with business diversification and specifically to signage. To find out more about these awards you can visit Signarama’s website.