Young Entrepreneur Franchise businesses have been taking over the Australian economical landscape over the last few years. More business-minded people are going straight to franchisors rather than investing their money in founding their own company. Why? Security and a proven business model.

You can be your own boss, says Peter Birkeland, all while operating under a trademark with established market recognition.

In Australia, there are over a thousand business format franchise systems in operation. If you already have a franchise and you want to stand out, here are three things your business should have:

Excellent Management

Parent companies have reliable systems and a loyal following – all you have to do is keep your existing franchise afloat, financially and reputation-wise.

Once you secure a franchise, it is your job to ensure that the business runs according to the standards set by the franchisor. Refrain from deviating from the franchisor’s established procedures. If necessary, however, be sure to let them know before you make any changes.

Strong Support from Your Franchisor

Franchisors take care of their franchisees. Part of their responsibility as a parent company is to ensure that all its franchise branches are carrying their brand name well.

When your franchisor offers you support such as modules and marketing strategies, utilise them. Take advantage of on-site training, consultation appointments and mentoring programs. All these will contribute to your own store’s success.

Heavy Focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction

In communities where brand awareness may still be weak, repeat customers and referrals are vital. Putting customer service and satisfaction at the heart of your business will increase your following in a shorter span of time.

Your employees should receive appropriate training on how to engage with customers, whether it’s in-store or online. If your customers feel they are valuable, they are most likely to do business with you again.

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