When you’re considering a franchise opportunity, you want to eliminate all threats to success. You want to know you will enjoy a stable and favourable income, and because of this, you do your research into every aspect of the business, including its awards and its track record.

With a well-known and popular franchise system like Signarama, this information is readily available, but where can you get information on the industry in general? After all, it’s important to know what your odds are in the industry you are entering and to know whether or not it is a profitable one. Over and above that, what is your likelihood of getting the finance you need, finding the customers you’re after and earning the income you want?

As the largest sign franchise in the world, we can provide you with this information.

The first thing that you need to understand about working in the sign industry is that it is all about quality over quantity. Your goal is not only to reach as many customers as possible and to get a constant stream of new business. While this is great for any business, our research into the Australian signage industry shows us that to thrive in the signage industry you need to be able to build up and maintain long term relationships, as over 70% of all business comes from repeat customers.

The next thing to remember is that while the internet has impacted how people communicate with their clients, it’s negative impact on the business of putting up a sign to communicate a message to passers-by has been far less invasive. Our research shows that signage is still one of the best ways to remain top of mind with potential customers and to convert passing foot traffic into sales. Technology and machines have advanced to the point where printed signage is now incredibly environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use and offer. This makes it a proven and sustainable way to reach potential customers.

These two reasons should demonstrate to you that you are entering an industry that is thriving in Australia and that is one where Signarama dominates and has developed a great reputation. If you are looking for more detailed information on the local signage industry, the role that Signarama plays in it, the ways in which we support and build-up our franchisees or just want some more information about our business, please get in touch with us for more information.