Franchisee Profile

When it comes to owning a Signarama franchise, not anyone will make the cut.

We hold all of our potential franchisees to a set of non-negotiable standards. Apart from financial requirements, our franchisees will also need to have key character traits that help to set them up for success and ensure that the business is operated in a sustainable way. While we don’t require past franchising or sign experience, franchisees will need to show that they have what it takes.

Financial Requirements

First things first, we need to know that all of our potential franchisees are financially stable enough to start their business. While we’re confident that Signarama is a great investment, our franchisees will need to have sufficient finances to cover all of the various costs of getting up and running, as well as finances to keep the business supported until profits are made.

Our franchisees will need liquid capital of $49,500 and a $44,500 net worth. A $49,500 franchise fee is required, and franchisees can expect an estimated $168,000 to $172,000 total investment cost. Additionally, all franchisees are required to pay the brand a 6% royalty fee. To learn more about our investment profile and franchising costs, visit our investment profile page.

Passion and Dedication

While you don’t need to specifically have experience in the sign franchise industry, or even in the franchise industry at all, we’ll need to know that you have the determination and drive to own a successful business. Our most successful franchisees know that their Signarama franchise is a great way to make a living financially, but they also have a passion for serving their customers and creating an enjoyable work environment for their employees.

Being a Team Player

Anyone can tell you that it’s just impossible to run an entire franchise by yourself. As the franchise owner, your people skills and ability to work as a team will play a critical role in the success of your business. You’ll need to have a knack for selecting the right team members for the right job, as well as delegating tasks in the most efficient way possible. When issues arise, you’ll need a system in place so that problems can be solved collectively. Simply put: Signarama franchisees need to be natural-born leaders!