Getting Started

Signarama makes the franchising process as simple as possible for interested entrepreneurs.

Signarama’s success depends on franchisees having the tools and knowledge that they need to open and operate a successful store, so simplicity is a recipe for success. Signarama will also provide guidance every step of the way to make sure that potential franchisees complete all necessary steps and training to begin operating a successful location.

Gathering Information

Interested entrepreneurs can take the first step in franchising and obtain more information by filling out the form located on the franchise website or by calling 866-623-1251 to speak with a franchise consultant. This will help potential Signarama franchisee candidates find out more about opportunities in their local area and specific associated costs and requirements for that area. Since Signarama franchisees operate about 1400 stores in 73 different countries, requirements may vary.

Capital Needed to Franchise

The base franchising fee is $49,500, although discounts are offered for veterans based on years of service. Franchisees are expected to show about $44,500 in net worth. The total investment in a Signarama location may vary, but is generally between $168,000 and $172,000, with financing options available. Equipment needed to run the business can be purchased outright or can be leased through Omni Leasing Company. Equipment usually costs about $122,000 and can be leased with a 60 month term.

Franchise Agreement

The franchise term is 35 years for a Signarama location and renewal or extension of the term is also 35 years. The franchise offer gives franchisees permission to own and operate a Signarama location using the trade name, trade secrets, and sophisticated procedures. Franchisees are obligated to pay six percent of total gross sales in royalty fees, although this number may be reduced via Signarama’s Royalty Incentive Program.

Location Selection

After franchisee candidates have completed the steps necessary to become franchisees, Signarama helps with location selection. Signarama staff will help with negotiating leasing terms, determining the layout and build of the store, and coordinating renovations needed to keep the store consistent with brand appearance. Signarama staff will even provide assistance with setting up all of the fixtures, furniture, equipment, computers, and software needed to operate.

Training Program

The Signarama training program is five weeks long. Franchisees receive air and hotel fare to attend a two week training course at the company headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. An additional trainee can attend the training along with the franchisee, but the franchisee is responsible for covering the costs of the course, airfare, and any additional expenses for the trainee. After the two week training course is completed, franchisees must spend a week at an existing, successful Signarama location with a mentor. The final two weeks of training takes place in the new franchise location, with Signarama staff providing assistance and guidance.