Become a Part of the Signarama Family

The first question we often get is ‘why should I franchise instead of starting my own printing business?’ The quick answer is that a printing franchise – or any franchise for that matter – provides you with a solid business model that has been proven to work. It takes the guesswork out of planning hiring requirements, sales protocol, training process, or any other requirements that it normally takes to launch a business from the ground up.


Becoming a Signarama franchisee is simple, straightforward, and low-cost. You will pay $64,500 +GST as an upfront entry fee, in addition to a working capital, an additional investment and an ongoing monthly royalty fee payment. Learn more about your total investment here.

The costs come with a number of benefits that pay themselves back over time. Our franchise locations in Australia that have been running for a minimum of one year have an average of $930,331 in gross annual sales.


If you decide to become a Signarama digital printing franchise owner, a number of benefits are ready and waiting.

As a reputable name in the industry, Signarama has proven to invite enquiries, attract traffic, and drive repeat business. You can leverage this revenue potential for your own – which our existing franchisees are currently enjoying.

You will be part of an initial five-week training course that tackles on-the-job and technical marketing instruction. Franchisees don’t need to have any prior experience in printing, design, or sign sales. In fact, our most successful franchisees have come from engineering, traffic control, food, etc. – in other words, totally unrelated backgrounds.

On top of that, you will receive advice on retail site based on our demographic research, assistance in staffing and training, as well as in advertising and PR.

You will also have access to ongoing training sessions, franchise owner conventions, regional meetings, and online educational opportunities.

That’s not all. Your Signarama family can also help you market your printing franchise through low-cost digital advertising strategies, including website development and social media management.

Finally, you will enjoy fantastic vendors and supplier discounts, thanks to our mass purchasing power.

Whether you’re interested in setting up shop in Australia or abroad, Signarama has available printing franchise opportunities for you. Apply now.