Everybody Needs Signs

Investing in a Signarama signage business could be your first step towards a bright and successful future.

Not only is Signarama the largest sign franchise in the world, but we also are the leading innovator in the entire industry and the #1 sign franchise on Entrepreneur’s Franchisee 500 list in 2015. We are the best in the business and we set up our franchisees to continue that legacy.


Community Support and Growth Opportunities

Well-designed, eye-catching signs are great for businesses of all sizes. They increase brand awareness, helping businesses boost sales and grow. When your customers – the businesses in your community – succeed, their success fuels your signage business’s success, because approximately 70% of Signarama’s business comes from happy customers coming back with repeat business. This positive chain of growth, boosted sales, and happy customers results in a stronger local economy. There is no better feeling than making a difference to the businesses and people in your community.

Proven Business Model

An investment in Signarama is an investment in yourself. By choosing our proven business model and trusted brand, you can feel confident in your decision to go into business for yourself. We take all the guesswork out of owning a business by giving our franchisees tested and proven systems, training, manuals, and more.

Additionally, we are there for you from the start to help you with everything from site selection to financing to staffing. And after your store is open for business, we help you advertise and increase your signage business’ visibility by setting up a website and social media.

Running the Business

New franchise prospects often ask us if they need to have experience with graphics, signs, or business ownership in order to invest in Signarama. The answer is no! Our comprehensive five-week training fills in the blanks in your skillset by covering everything you need to know to open your doors. Then, when your store is open for business, our top-of-the-line technology and equipment make it as easy as possible to run your business.

On top of everything else, we make operating your business more affordable by tapping into our connections with vendors and suppliers to get the best possible deals and discounts. Mass purchasing power makes a big difference for our franchisees, and our vast network makes it possible.

Continuous Support

The greatest advantage that franchisees have over independent signage business owners is ongoing support from an experience dnetwork. At Signarama, we take ongoing support seriously, so we don’t leave you on your own after your business is up and running. Instead, we are here with continuous training and support to keep you on the cutting edge of the industry and our innovative brand.

In addition, we have an outstanding mentor program that sets up our new franchisees with seasoned, successful franchisees. Your mentor is a great resource any time you have a question, concern, or just need to bounce around ideas with someone. You may find that you lean on your mentor more during the beginning of your career with us, but you will always have that relationship whenever you need advice or guidance.

Simply put, our support is unmatched. Our regional offices across Australia – as well as all over the world – ensures that our franchise owners always have assistance.

To learn about a Signarama franchise opportunity, call us at 1300 616 785 or fill out our contact form.