Invest in the City with Soul

Signarama, the leading franchise for promotional products and signage in America, is looking for a new investor in Jackson, Mississippi! Jackson’s strong economy should only get stronger as the city continues to attract new businesses and improve its infrastructure through various incentive and improvement programs. Indeed, Jackson is so committed to its residents’ quality of life that a massive undertaking to improve the city’s infrastructure is scheduled to start in 2016. Read on to learn more about the city with soul, and why a Signarama franchise is a perfect fit.
Jackson, Mississippi

Economic Strengths

Even though Jackson is famous for its vibrant music scene, the city’s economy definitely is something to sing about. With a low cost of living and low rate of unemployment, Jackson falls in the top 200 cities for business and careers, according to Forbes. This distinction is due largely to the city’s ranking as #76 in cost of doing business, because it’s such an inexpensive place to operate a business. In addition, in another ranking by Forbes, Jackson barely missed out on being in the top 100 most educated cities, probably because of the student population of 40,000.

Resources for New Businesses

In order to keep the economy strong and steady, Jackson’s Business Development Division provides information, resources, and tools to business owners at all experience levels. The BDD works to stimulate growth and encourage job creation through various programs, including Startup Jackson, an organization that boosts entrepreneurship in the city by offering free business counseling and training workshops. In addition to these resources, the city and state offer incentives and grants to businesses that choose to develop certain areas, renew declining buildings, or hire a certain number of people.

City Improvements

Jackson’s pioneering infrastructure redevelopment plan is getting started, and the improvements to the city’s roads, bridges, drainage systems, and water lines will benefit the city for years to come. Through a small tax increase, the city will be able to completely revitalize the majority of the problem areas. In the first year alone, thirty projects have been proposed for completion, including paving four country roads with the help of the county.

All of the programs Jackson offers its residents and business owners prove that Jackson is a city dedicated to the well-being of its people. The way Jackson takes care of its people mirrors the way we take care of our people at Signarama. Our unparalleled corporate structure provides ongoing training and support to our franchisees, so you will be able to enjoy the independence of owning your own business as well as the cushion of support from an experienced network. If you’re ready to make an investment in your future, click this LINK to learn how to open a Signarama franchise immediately.