On Valentine’s Day one sometimes wonders how it is to be working with a spouse. Spending lots of time at home together could make spending the whole day together difficult. Yes or no? According to an article on fortune.com (Feb. 2016) 3 million small businesses in America are run by couples!

Raleigh’s Candy and Scott Ross is one such couple. She left the corporate world; He retired from law enforcement. They chose to team up and open a local Signarama, the world’s largest sign franchise and full-service sign business, providing a full range of comprehensive sign and graphic services to both the private and commercial sectors.

According to Candy, the decision to work together was an easy one. “We both felt that we have always worked hard for other people most of our lives so what better way to join forces and tackle the next chapter of our life together by owning a business!,” said Candy. “We both have the same drive and share so many of the same goals that we knew that we could better ourselves financially and also provide great customer service because we both love people! These are the two most rewarding aspects of owning our business!

The Rosses are new to working together but already see what it takes to make it work:

  • Setting clear boundaries. Without clear boundaries, there will be constant stepping on each others’ toes, which can quickly lead to arguments.
  • Listening to each other. Constant communication is key and also being willing to look at things from the others perceptive, even if you do not agree with them.
  • Leave the work talk at the door when you get home. After work hours and on the weekends, focus on each other and family time without the distraction of work.


Signarama, the world’s largest sign franchise, offers branding and messaging solutions in addition to comprehensive sign and graphic services to consumers and commercial customers – from business signs, vehicle wraps, and digital signs, to advertising and marketing services. Signarama is part of a successful system of business-to-business franchise brands and development services under the United Franchise Group. As part of the $49-billion-plus worldwide sign market, Signarama has been at the forefront of the sign industry for more than two decades. Approaching 900 locations in 62 countries, the company expects to have more than 1,200 locations worldwide by the end of 2017.