Part of choosing the right fit for a franchisor is learning about the brand, and our brand has quite a story to tell. The Signarama franchise, a subsidiary of Starpoint Brands (UFG), has been around for some time and we are proud to be considered the largest sign franchise in the industry. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn a bit more about our first days in the digital signage business, how we made our name, and what we envision for the years to come. 

Launching from Long Island

Ray and Roy Titus co-founded Signarama in 1986 in Farmingdale, New York — the first of nine brands that fall under the UFG umbrella today. The Titus team saw incredible success with their inaugural location and decided to expand their brand south to the sunny region of North Palm Beach, Florida. Expansion from that point was inevitable, it became clear their digital signage business would be a hit throughout the U.S. Then in 1987, only a year after setting their roots in New York, the founders opened up their business for franchising. Ray Titus quickly saw that Signarama was a global hit. 

Modernizing Our Brand, Expanding Our Reach 

Now over 30 years removed from the start of our journey, Signarama has changed quite a bit. Since then, the Signarama franchise experienced changes in branding, evolutions in capabilities, and major expansion. Amidst all of this growth, our brand has stood true to the same values that brought Roy and Ray to the starting line: empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. Today, Ray Titus is the CEO of UFG which consists of a number of award-winning brands that have quickly become the trailblazers of their industries. This network of businesses reaches over 80 countries and consists of more than 1,600 businesses. And it all began with one location on Long Island. As for Signarama, the brand continues to receive recognition for our professional approach and franchise experience that is second to none. Signarama has quickly become a global brand with locations in Australia, France, Ireland, Poland, and many other regions. 

What Do We Expect Next?

The signage industry is constantly evolving — new trends and technology have gradually changed the way that we do business. Signarama’s goal is to move forward with change and growth in mind. We have kept our business model and location requirements updated to start our franchisees off ahead of their regional competition. Signarama has introduced upgraded equipment with 3D and braille printing capabilities. Now we are seeing transcendent demand for our services and the industry is booming. Signarama is always looking for passionate business owners who want to grab the wheel of their career — there has never been a better time to start a digital signage business

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